november 2020

LINDBERG in Perspective

2011 News West Bund Top


Once again LINDBERG is an official partner of the West Bund Art and Design Festival in Shanghai.

We are proud to feature at West Bund Art and Design 2020 with a new piece of art created by our own designers, we call it "LINDBERG in Perspective". The piece is a manifestation of colour and craftsmanship. It beautifully exhibits different colours from different angles – a reflection of the many possibilities of our customisable titanium eyewear.



LINDBERG has been inseparable from art and design since the very beginning, with our DNA that is deeply rooted in functionality and minimalism. We see great craftsmanship and innovative design as our means of expression and are only happy to feature alongside fellow creatives.



It’s always nice with visits from art enthusiasts Tera Feng, Anny Fan and Michelle Ye.


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november 2020


2011 News Dansklindberg Top
model Dakota colour: P10


In a collaboration with fashion magazine DANSK, we have talked to talented Danes about art and what inspires them.

One such person is Mathias Malling Mortensen (b.1980) a Copenhagen-based artist and graphic designer. His works have been shown at various exhibitions including solo shows at Bricks Gallery, Sunday-S, Format Art Space, Les Gens Hereux, and Mohs Exhibit. 


model 8205 colours: front K259, temples P10, lenses clear  /  model 1848 colours: front H20, temples PU9


I'm fascinated by art when it makes me see the world from new perspectives and when it shows me something I had not thought about before. I am currently very much inspired by the Italian futurists such as Giacomo Balla.


If I could freely choose a work of art, I would choose the painting Electric Prisms by Sonia Delaunay. I have seen it a few times on Centre Pompidou and I love the way she uses colours and creates movement in the image.

I would like to live together with that.




model 8205 colours: front K223, temples U9


For me the shape and materials are important when I choose my sunglasses. That I do not feel or think about that I wear them.


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october 2020

LINDBERG fashion week SS21

2010 News SL Top


Once again, the Scandinavian fashion capital, Copenhagen, opened its doors to creative brands showing of their new collections for Spring/Summer 2021.




model 2406 colour: 80



No catwalk is complete without the right accessory, and as a Danish design brand we are more than happy to feature alongside fellow creative, 
Søren Le Schmidt.




model 2406 colours: front 10, temples 80
model 8327 colours: front C01, temples P10 


Søren Le Schmidt is known as an expert dress maker, with a keen eye for detail. Like LINDBERG, Søren Le Schmidt is inspired by architecture which is easy to see in his minimalistic and timeless pieces.


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september 2020

New to the n.o.w. titanium collection

2009 News Now Top
colours: front C06, temples P10


The beautiful 6587 model is a new and exciting addition to the n.o.w. titanium collection. The stylish glasses are designed using our ultra-thin composite material – a signature feature of the collection.



colours: front C01, temples U33, groove colour 92


The model is designed in a modern silhouette with rounded edges giving it a contemporary look. With a wide variety of both front colours and titanium temple colours, the 6587 model is sure to fit your personal style.

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august 2020

Tinie Tempah for Esquire Middle East

2008 News Top@2X

British rapper Tinie Tempah rocked our titanium glasses for his cover story in Esquire Middle East. The artist often credited as one of the founding fathers of grime talks about lockdown and being a musician in a time of big changes. 


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may 2020

Henrik Lindberg in Vogue Man Arabia

2005 News Vogue Top

Vogue Man Arabia interviewed LINDBERG CEO Henrik Lindberg about upholding our brand philosophy in these unprecedented times:

“Whenever challenges arise, we still do everything the best we can while respecting the situation. In times like these, we have actually always done the opposite of many others; we have invested in the innovation of our products instead of cutbacks in production costs.”


Read the full interview here.

january 2020

The story of titanium

Titanium is one of nature’s most ingenious materials, and realizing its potential, LINDBERG was one of the first eyewear brands in the world to present a full titanium collection.

We have spent more than 30 years revolutionising the field of titanium eyewear, and our desire for constant innovation keeps us on the path of even more ground breaking designs. The strength, lightness and durability of titanium have become the signature features of every pair of LINDBERG glasses. Watch the video to discover the history of our favourite natural resource. 

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december 2019

LINDBERG Beyond – the making of

At the 2019 Silmo eyewear fair in Paris we did something new, something different. Groundbreaking and award-winning eyewear doesn’t just come from nothing. To expand what is possible you have to think of the impossible. 



The 30-feet container was hidden inside the LINDBERG stand. 


That is why we created LINDBERG Beyond – a collection of unique ideas from our creative teams. The goal was to create an experience like no other and go beyond the limit of what we usually do. Our visitors were treated to a walk through the dark of LINDBERG Beyond, a container with exciting interactive elements throughout. Visitors were left impressed, exhilarated and with a newfound understanding of the creativity behind the LINDBERG brand.  



One of the features was a wall with more than 100 motorised glass butterflies controlled by a motion sensor. 

Our many inhouse specialists worked hard for months to get LINDBERG Beyond to the high standard we demand from everything we do. Engineers, designers, graphic designers, the production team and more all came together to create something they hadn’t tried before. 



The floor and walls of the container were covered with a 3D carpet creating an optical illusion.


We like to challenge, not only our partners, but also ourselves. And that will never stop. 


december 2019

Framing faces

1912 News Kinfolk Top

“Framing faces” is an editorial by Kinfolk Magazine. London-based illustrator Rosie McGuinness is behind the colourful drawings in this unique take on LINDBERG eyewear.


Kinfolk explores what it means to frame a face by combining the hand-drawn illustrations with our tailor-made, screw-free eyewear.

The editorial is shot in their Copenhagen gallery using the morning light to create beautifully casted shadows that creates the perfect setting for our minimalistic designs.




november 2019

West Bund Art & Design Festival

LINDBERG is an official partner of this year’s West Bund Art & Design Festival in Shanghai and have showcased the piece: “Art of Customisation” at the event. 

The art world has always inspired LINDBERG, that is why we are proud to be an official partner of West Bund. Our collaboration with the West Bund Art & Design Festival showcases a new side to the trademark LINDBERG creativity – an art-centric portrayal of colour and materials used in our award-winning eyewear.


“Art of Customisation” provokes interest to see LINDBERG beyond an eyewear brand, but also as a brand that passionately embraces technical innovation, design and art.


We are thankful for everyone at West Bund Art & Design Festival who stopped by to see “Art of Customisation”.


Read more about titanium here and why it is the perfect material for making high-quality glasses.

october 2019

There is just something about Paris

1910 News Beatrice Top@2X

The city of light has so much more to offer than the beautiful glow of the Eiffel Tower at night. The mix of contemporary design and historical art radiate from the charming cafes, museums and boutiques scattered throughout the city. 

We sat down with art director, creative mind and eyewear lover Beatrice Gutu for a talk about her personal style and why there is just something special about Paris. 


Paris for me is a city of constant inspiration. There is always something new to see and to discover. Sometimes you walk on a random street and you see an art gallery or an atelier, you know that you are surrounded by art and the people who live by it.

That is why I adore Paris Fashion week. It’s the final and the most important FW and it’s always something to look forward to. I feel so fortunate to be able to witness the magic of it. It gives me so much energy and inspiration when I see a good show. Everything from location and the set up to the music, styling, light etc. It’s special to realise how much work is behind those 10 - 15 min of a show.


I’m passionate about art, architecture, fashion, design, film, music, travels - everything that makes me feel alive. So, a visit to a museum is something I always like to do. It’s an escape for me. I could spend an entire day in a museum. And Paris has so many museums and galleries, I could easily spend all of my time. If only there wasn’t work to do in the meantime.


Eyewear is always my most important accessory. I love how easily it can give a new mood to the whole look. Style is a form of expression. It’s a reflection of the personality, a collection of things that represent us translated into clothes. When it comes to my style and the choices I make, I always prioritise quality over quantity. I invest in timeless pieces which will serve me for a long time.


model Freddie colour PU9/K241


For me LINDBERG offers exactly that. The attention to every detail is so special. You know you are wearing something that is made to last.


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october 2019

New store – Cologne

1910 News ID NAH FERN Top@2X

We are happy to present the new Nah+Fern store in the vibrant city of Cologne with interior design by LINDBERG.

We pride ourselves in putting the same effort into our interior design that we put into our frames, that is why we design and produce our own interior solutions. Every element is made from carefully selected materials and expertly formed to complement our titanium glasses. From desk to display – there are no coincidences.  



Only with our own manufacturing of interior elements are we able to match the quality of our glasses, with the high-end titanium echoed in tactile materials such as solid oak and browned steel. That is why the true LINDBERG experience is found at your local LINDBERG partner. Try on our frames and feel for yourself why LINDBERG glasses are the best you will ever wear.


Visit one of the many certified LINDBERG dealers around the world to experience the LINDBERG signature quality for yourself. 


september 2019

Red Dot design award – sun titanium

1909 News Awards Top

Our design team is always pushing the limits of eyewear with new ideas and innovative technical solutions. That is why we are very proud to receive the prestigious Red Dot award in the category Product Design for the models 8321 and 8324 from the LINDBERG sun titanium collection



model 8321 colour C21/K190/GT-SL64


The models are a fresh perspective on fashion sunglasses with the unique combination of ultra-thin acetate inner rims and oversized frames. They are inspired by classic eyewear shapes made with a high level of technical ability. The unique mix of materials and forms allows various possible combinations, where transparent elements can create the visual effect of lenses seemingly floating within the frame.



model 8324 colour C08/K225M/P10-SL41



The award brings our total of international design awards to 98.

Find the sunglasses at your local LINDBERG sun dealer

august 2019

A London Local – Bola

1908 News Bola Top
All images shot by Oliver Hooson in the London Borough, Hackney. 


London is known as a sprawling metropolis, filled with big attractions and hidden gems. We met up with model and menswear enthusiast Bola Odusina for a talk about style, sights and the magnificent city.



model Morten colour PGT


What makes London special?

There's always something cool to see and do, a different energy and style in each corner. It truly is a melting pot of cultures. But since the city has so much to offer, it can be a little overwhelming. There are so many unique spots from the more established venues to the independent stores, restaurants and coffee shops.



model Morten colour PU9


What places would you recommend?

Monocle café is always nice for a quick bite and a great cup of coffee. If you’re looking for a great view then Sky Garden is a really underrated place, it's a nice spot to catch up with friends while taking in the incredible view of London. If you’re hungry East London has a great selection of trendy restaurants, however I would also recommend the Mayfair/Knightsbridge area for fine dining.



model Morten colour PGT



If you’re in the mood for shopping, you will find a lot of good stores in Chiltern street like Sunspel, Hamilton & Hare and Trunkiers, but a visit to Dover street market is also worth it. Their mix of high-end pieces and streetwear, all in the same building, is exquisite.



model Morten colour PGT


How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a menswear enthusiast with a penchant for well-made, premium goods.
I would describe my style as minimalistic with a emphasizes on the right fabrics, muted colours and clean lines. There are certain items I can’t live without, like: white sneakers, a white t-shirt and a nice wool suit.



model Freddie colour U9/K223


How do you feel LINDBERG fits into your personal style?

I live by the slogan: buy less, choose well and make it last. I feel like LINDBERGs titanium frames fit that mantra perfectly, with their durability and timeless design.



model Freddie colour U9/K228



Bola is wearing selected pieces from the air rim titanium collection. Read more about the collection here.

november 2018

LINDBERG wins the ‘Lifestyle and Fashion’ German Design Award 2019


LINDBERG has been awarded the German Design Award. We are thrilled to now receive 95 awards in our line-up – each accomplished for our premium array of minimalist and lightweight frames.

The winner of this year’s ‘Lifestyle and Fashion’ category is our elegant, LINDBERG sun titanium 8415, which has

truly represented pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape.

– German Design Award Jury



Light, sturdy and individual the LINDBERG sun titanium 8415 sunglasses are instantly recognisable in form and style that suggests a cat eye shape. Alabaster white melds with golden brushed titanium seemingly harking back to an earlier Hollywood era and appears to suffuse the glasses with a similar star quality.

– German Design Award Jury


october 2018

Godfrey Gao is the quintessential gentleman in Wallpaper* China


Channelling the best of design, interiors, architecture and art to global masses, Wallpaper* China published a dreamy spread of Taiwanese-Canadian Actor, Godfrey Gao.

In the series of photographs where Godfrey Gao embraces luxury and comfort, LINDBERG’s frames are featured with high living apparel.


Godfrey Gao has the ability to convey subtle emotion, highlighted with LINDBERG eyewear. The actor’s appearance is not over-taken by the frames, though delicately compliments his facial features with LINDBERG’s mindset – ridding of all things unnecessary – screws, rivets and wields, and therefore revolutionising minimalistic and lightweight eyewear.




A close-up of MøF titanium makes the scene with attributes of style and sense, combined into one frame. Gao wears the practical frame which adopts the multifunctional eyewear concept of the interchangeable lens and inner-rim system – a frame so functional that it’s suitable for any environment without losing the sense of style and refinement.



Gao’s perception of his style is comfortable and classic, the essence of the quintessential gentleman’s aesthetic. These characteristics are undoubtedly the epitome of LINDBERG’s fashion and design traits, by always putting the end-user first in the product design process with the custom of presenting simplicity and exemplary elegance.


september 2018

Seasons may change. Stay true.


Every year seasons change. And as a result, so do our mood and desires. Currently we witness our beloved white summer nights fade away, leaving us Danes crave for cosy woollen sweaters, denser colours and layered fabrics. However, our glasses must remain lightweight and effortless.


as seen in SPECTR Magazine

Every year we innovate. A constant quest for perfection compels mankind to always push the boundaries of what is possible to engineer. Whichever technical breakthrough we currently take pride in demonstrating, our eyewear will always embody our minimalist mindset and loathe of material redundancy.




Every year trends re-emerge. We know from experience this will happen again and again and still we relish in the joy of anticipation as to what will trend next season on the fashion scene. Will we revel in romantic 50's ruffles, will we groove in 70’s geometric patterns? Or will we bang out a retake on an 80’s hairstyle? Whichever trend we choose to embrace this season, our eyewear must be able to complement our style preference as well as our individual features.


as seen in DANSK MagazineLINDBERG


Seasons may change. Stay true.
august 2018

Constructing colours


LINDBERG is all about creating personal eyewear experiences – especially when it comes to colours. Endless options and combinations allow you to customise your very own colour universe matching your individual style.

Our current window visuals epitomises just this. In a mosaic of contrasting and complementary coloured squares, it is up to the viewer to create shapes and patterns.


The mosaic art form is as timeless as the LINDBERG frame. It reaches back in time to ancient Mesopotamian glass tile decorations where multiple pieces are united to form a whole – just as the LINDBERG building system.

Perception of the mosaic art form is all in the eyes of the beholder. Our interpretation of mosaics connotes a grid of pixels and draws parallels to our modern-day digital age as a reminder to stay in transition.


Delicately tinted acrylic displays add yet another dimension to the colour formation and encourage curiosity. The combination and overlay of displays bring out new nuances, which are underlined as the colours engage with daylight.


Light, yet colourful as ever, these visuals inspire classic LINDBERG customisation. We invite you to make it your own.



LINDBERG titanium colour scale

june 2018

LINDBERG in a different light


Exploring new paths is one of the ways we nurture the creative process at LINDBERG. We take pride in doing all things in-house, yet also gravitate towards seeing LINDBERG in a different light.

In the latest edition of international eyewear magazine, Spectr, photographer, Bela Raba has captured the subtlety of layers of two recent additions to our sun titanium collection.


8415 col. P60/K190

In a series of photos where the architectural environment and reflections of natural light play dominant elements, the aesthetic attention to delicate details and soft tones are echoed fittingly to the frames featured.


8401 col. GT/K177-GT and 8415 col. P60/K190


photos: SPECTR MAGAZINE / Bela Raba @spectrmagazine

Comparable aspects are portrayed through one of LINDBERG’s in-house photographers as he took our frames to distant skies. By using the sun titanium frames as the underlying essence, the unique characteristics were emphasized from nature’s elements.

The photos speak for themselves as they each highlight distinctive LINDBERG features.


8410 col. P60/K245

The colour scheme of this sun titanium is complimented through the radiant, polished titanium and the way the environment is reflected in the lens. The smoky hue of the acetate side shields and clarity of the gradient lenses are also magnified in this setting.  


8412 col.PU9/K223

The trademark lightness of LINDBERG sun titanium is indicated through the faint placement of the frame in its raw surroundings.


8310 col. D16/10