LINDBERG’s first and highly innovative product line from the mid-eighties. The world’s first titanium rimless frame, pioneering dramatic minimalist design opportunities that have subsequently moulded time-honoured classics and new perceptions about eyewear design. Requires a minimum edge thickness of 2.8 mm.
the original
LINDBERG uses only a special type of titanium, which is also used for pacemakers and dental regulation. In addition to being hypoallergenic, this type of titanium is extremely lightweight, flexible and strong
356/Basic col. 10
LINDBERG and Dissing & Weitling’s classic rimless eyewear concept. Awarded a string of prestigious design prizes worldwide
wide choice of colour combinations
26 different groove colours
3 of 29 colours
In 1988 AIR Titanium is introduced in a design broadcast hosted by the danish designer and artist Per Arnoldi

By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court